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There is beauty everywhere we look.

I find so much inspiration in the world around me. Whether that be the natural beauty that surrounds us in plants and wildlife or the man-made feats of engineering that are cityscapes. There is an awe inspiring element to every sight.

Commission a personal piece of artwork for you or a loved one

Keeping happy memories alive

Wedding memories, a loved one passed to soon, childhood delights, favourite pets or wildlife. Give the gift of a personal piece of work that will delight for years to come.

Fancy parallax sections

Parallax, fixed or relative background image positioning

Parallax or Fixed

You can choose from parallax, fixed or relative background image positioning on sections and header slideshow.


Choose your custom color and place the overlay over your parallax background, every section must be unique!


Our powerful control center allows you to manage various aspects of your theme installation with a few clicks.

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